2017 marks the 21st Anniversary of Irish National Youth Ballet. To celebrate this milestone INYB will perform Snow White, String Variations and Before the bell rings. All ballets will be performed with the orchestra of INYB, conductor Brian Dungan. The programme promises to enthral and delight all theatre and music lovers. Don’t miss this spectacular production. Presented by the Irish National Youth Ballet, ?Choreography by Stephen Brennan, Kilian O’Callaghan and Sarah Thornton

The most beautiful queen in the world inherits a country, a fortune and a stepdaughter.

Her courtiers and sycophants play the mirror to the demands of her conceit and assure her that she has more beauty than all.

Once she discovers that this does not reflect the truth and that Snow White, her stepdaughter, has more beauty, she flies into a rage. She flings Snow White out into the forest, commanding a woodcutter to kill her…


The woodcutter takes pity on the princess and releases her to her fate. He stains his sword with the juice of a forest flower to present to the queen as proof of the slaying.

Lost in the forest, Snow White finds the protection of the woodnymphs and wild birds. They bring her to the lodgings of the miners, a band of seven friends who work underground by day and sleep at the cottage at night. The miners offer immediate protection to Snow White.


When the queen realises she has been deceived, she schemes to regain her primacy.

A group of merchants enquire at the cottage one day, offering Snow White an elegant corset. Charmed, she succumbs, little recognising her stepmother. They leave her prostrate and it is her good fortune that the miners return home early and manage to undo the mischief. They return to work, reminding her to remain indoors…


There are more callers at the cottage. Snow White accepts to the gift of a poisonous comb; the miners returning for tea again rescue her. Unrelenting, the queen returns; this time with the succulent, poisonous apple. Snow White takes the fateful bite. Filled with glee, the queen and her entourage celebrate Snow White’s demise.


Returning home, the miners cannot resuscitate her and believe her dead. They carry her to a grotto and remain in vigil over her body as the birds and nymphs mourn their loss.

A young prince approaches her resting place to pay his respects. The miners lift her bier and cause the apple to become dislodged. Her breath returns and she meets the eyes of her suitor. They fall immediately and deeply in love.


In retribution for the evil queen’s intentions, the nymphs curse her to wear a pair of red shoes which will cause her to dance to her end. Once the queen is overwhelmed, the court and Snow White’s many friends celebrate her betrothal to the prince.



  • €11.00 Matinee Groups (10+) | €14.00 Matinee Children & Concessions | €15.00 Evening Groups (10+) | €16.00 Evening Children & Concessions | €18.00 Matinee Adults | €22.00 Evening Adults


  • Thu, Apr 27 | 20:00
    Fri, Apr 28 | 20:00
    Fri, Apr 28 | 12:00
    Sat, Apr 29 | 15:00
    Sat, Apr 29 | 20:00

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