A fast paced and funny play about motherhood, messing up, and doing your best to make it up.

Charlie is a kleptomaniac - the doctor told her. Reckons it stems from childhood trauma. But she has the robbin’ completely under control these days. For real. She has a bit of a mouth on her, but she’s only trying to be funny, give everyone a laugh, not cause trouble, like. Not today, of all days. She loves that little boy more than she ever thought it was possible to love another human. There’s a lot riding on these 24 hours, and if she keeps her head down, she’ll get him back. 

Axis: Ballymun are delighted to announce their new production, the world premiere of Clare Monnelly’s debut play Charlie’s a Clepto. The centerpiece to Axis' season, Charlie’s a Clepto tells a fast paced and funny story about motherhood, messing up and doing your best to make it up. The production will tour to six venues in Dublin, Laois, Louth, Wicklow and Kildare from late May to early June


  • €12.00 | €15.00


  • Tue, May 23 | 20:00
    Wed, May 24 | 20:00
    Thu, May 25 | 20:00
    Fri, May 26 | 20:00
    Sat, May 27 | 20:00

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