Using cartoonish costumes and bright colours in a bizarre exploration of modernity, The Triadic Ballet (1922) by Oskar Schlemmer pushed dance into the 20th century. Described by Schlemmer as a ‘party in form and colour’, in 1970 the ballet was captured in film for future audiences to enjoy. 

Oskar Schlemmer born September 4th, 1888 in Stuttgart, Gernany. He was a painter, sculptor, designer and choreographer. He was also a professor at the BAUHAUS School.Oskar Schlemmer described his Triadic Ballet as a ‘party in form and colour’. Form, colour and abstraction began to define the way in which the human figure was depicted in the work of painter and sculptor Oskar Schlemmer from an early stage. The Triadic Ballet was his first major theatrical work, already created in Stuttgart in 1922 before his time at the Bauhaus. In 1970 Schlemmer’s ballet was captured in film for future audiences to enjoy and be inspired by.

Das Triadische Ballett [Triadic Ballet], 1970. 35mm film transferred to video, color, sound; 29 min Courtesy Global Screen, Munich. Produced by Bavaria Atelier for the Südfunk, Stuttgart, in collaboration with Inter Nationes and RTB (Belgian Television); director: Helmut Amann; choreography and costume designs: Oskar Schlemmer, 1922; artistic advisors: Ludwig Grote, Xanti Schwinsky, and Tut Schlemmer © 1970 Bavaria Atelier for SWR in collaboration with Inter Nationes and RTB


Associated Events:

A Party of Form and Colour - Costumes and Movement
Lobby Gallery
5 June- 10 September
Informed by Bauhaus costume and puppet making. Come and stage your own performance. Costumes will be suitable for all ages. Mix and match to create your own style.
Costume Design Summer Camp
Facilitated by Louise Osbourne and Sinead Mc Cormack
Suitable for Ages 10-16
Price €80. Materials Included
Sat 15th - Sun 16th
10 am- 4pm
In Das Triadische Ballett (Triadic Ballet), 1970, Oskar Schlemmer’s dancers transform space “through form, color, and light.” Over 2 days create your own colourful costumes and make them move to your own beat! The workshop will culminate in a professional photoshoot.


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    Wed, Sep 06 | 11:00
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