Everything Now – our final gesture before we’re thrown off a cliff. A rollercoaster ride with beautiful dancing men, a laughing/shouting multicultural chorus, dazzling lights, stunning sounds and physical explosions, interventions from emotionally virtuosic performers from Africa and Ireland, and sound artist Jassem Hindi. Racially and politically mixed up and fucked up, supple, diverse and half beautiful, Everything Now fuses the physically brilliant with the awkward, combining formality and rigour of highly disciplined dance with elements of a 1960s happening. This is our testament. NOW! Choreographed by John Scott – creator of New York hits Lear and Fall and Recover.


  • Thu, Sep 14 | 18:30
    Fri, Sep 15 | 18:30
    Sat, Sep 16 | 18:30
    Sat, Sep 16 | 13:00
    Sun, Sep 17 | 18:30