Poised in the delicate space between concert and theatre, Endings is a meditation on cycles and the ending of things.

Using portable turntables, reel-to-reel tape players and live performance, Endings finds form for experiences both ordinary and extraordinary that cluster around death, dying and afterlife.

Voices of the living emerge ghost-like from records, performers converse live with the taped voices of past conversations, tape loops carve round and round through the space, and song floats across the familiar crackle of records ending.

Endings is built in part from one-on-one interviews – people’s stories, reflections and voices. These recordings are cut onto vinyl records and embedded within a richly textured electro-acoustic sound design that is operated, accompanied, and extended through live performance and song. The performance also features the songs and vocals of acclaimed singer/songwriter Paddy Mann (Grand Salvo).


  • €23.00 | €25.00


  • Thu, Oct 12 | 19:30
    Fri, Oct 13 | 19:30
    Sat, Oct 14 | 19:30
    Sat, Oct 14 | 14:30

Project Arts Centre
39 East Essex Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2
Co. Dublin
T + 353 (0)1 881 9613/881 9614
Box Office + 353 (0)1 881 9613/881 9614

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