This spring season the Irish National Youth Ballet will perform their wonderful production of ‘The Prince and The Pauper’. Also on the programme are two pieces, ‘The Gala’ and ‘Concertino’. Choreographed by Stephen Brennan, Kilian O’Callaghan and Sarah Thornton. The Irish National Youth Ballet orchestra will play live.

The Gala

The preparations have started for the Gala Dance. The girls are applying their makeup and putting on their jewellery, the boys are tying their bow ties. One young girl watches from a window longing to join the parade through the streets. Will her mother let her go out to join the dance? Will she let go of her own fears and let her daughter enjoy the freedom of childhood? Maybe this is the chance she needs to start living her own life once again.



This is a set of variations to highlight the depth and breadth of talent in the company.  It is both light-hearted and spirited, while also showing the great tenderness and artistry of the young dancers.


I: Opening...II: Quintet...III: Ensemble...IV: Duet 1...V: Trio...VI: Duet 2…VII: Finale



The Prince and the Pauper

The action takes place during 1547 in an actual historical setting, the tumultuous period of English history following the demise of King Henry VIII. Social and religious allegiances were challenged as nobility and peasant alike sought to re-establish their place in a constantly changing order. Tom Canty, a pauper, and Edward Tudor, a prince, choose to exchange clothes and lives for a brief period raising the question, “Do clothes determine a person’s value or character?”




  • €12.00 Matinee Groups (10+) | €14.00 Matinee Children & Concession | €15.00 Evening Groups (10+) | €16.00 Evening Children & Concession | €18.00 Matinee Adults | €22.00 Evening Adults


  • Fri, May 11 | 20:00
    Fri, May 11 | 12:00
    Sat, May 12 | 15:00
    Sat, May 12 | 20:00

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