Dynamic and multi-faceted, Dance Theatre of Ireland creates multidisciplinary dance performances for theatre and Festivals in a diversity of settings. Directed by Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick, “Their work is a constant reflection on our human states of frailty and strength…” (Buckley, Sunday Times, London). Live and original music, digital media and international co-productions are hallmarks of their work, embracing the search for vocabularies and multi-cultural collaborations which enlighten the process of being human. Their Productions have premiered in Seoul, New York and the UK and their more recent work has been presented in Arts and Street Festivals-- engaging audiences with vibrant, often interactive performances in public spaces.

The Company tours in Ireland, Europe (UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Switzerland,) Korea and the USA are supported by Culture Ireland and embassies. DTI also collaborates with eminent international choreographers (Philippe Saire (CH), Martine Pisani (FR) and Joanne Leighton (BE) creating work strong in theatrical and emotional impact.

The Company's Educational Outreach programmes are significant offering increased access to workshops, performances and discussions aiming to get more people dancing and seeing dance. DTI’s Outreach programs include: 1) Year-round Dance WORKSHOPS, for all ages, partnering a wide range of community and school organizations. 2) WELL-DANCE for Seniors – a programme of dance classes for seniors 3) VINTAGE YOUTH a performance group for Seniors which is based at the Centre; 4) DANCING WELL WITH PARKINSONS Classes in conjunction with Move4Parkinsons; 3) NATURE MOVES, which combines guided outdoor experiences for students and the creation of Dance projects inspired by Nature and 5) CREATING SPACE an artists’ development initiative which programmes bi-yearly informal performances given by dance artists of new work or work-in-progress at the Centre for Dance and offers studio time toward the creation of new work.


Artistic Directors Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick
Centre and Outreach Coordinator Lilibeth Vinagre
Administrator Cosimo de Tommaso


  • Every Little Step... The Rhythm of Hope by Robert Connor, Loretta Yurick ( Joyce SoHo, New York 2012)

  • Handle with Care by Robert Connor, Loretta Yurick (Dance House 2010)

  • Parallel Horizons / Under The Roo by Robert Connor, Loretta Yurick ( Arko Theatre, Seoul 2008)

  • Block Party by Robert Connor/ Loretta Yurick ( Korea / UK 2009/2010; Ireland 2008-2011 Premiere Meeting House Square 2007)

  • Exodus/Grand Junction by Robert Connor, Loretta Yurick (Pavilion Theatre 2006)



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