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TEAM Educational Theatre Company was one of Ireland's longest established theatre in education companies and earned national acclaim over 38 years working within the primary and post-primary system. The company produced work for children and young people to high artistic standards, primarily in their own formal learning environment, that: provided an authentic experience which resonated with their own lives; challenged them to feel, think, interact and do within the dramatic context; and opened them to the potential of theatre. TEAM ceased operations in April 2014.


The company works with up to 10,000 students over 30 weeks of touring every year in Dublin, the North East, the North West and the Midlands. 4 Marlborough Place Dublin 1 Co. Dublin + 353 (0)1 878 6108


Artistic Director John Breen
Administrator Valeria Cavalli


  • Focal Point by Manchán Magan (Project Arts Centre 2013)

  • Sherbet and Tiffin by Pauline Shanahan ( First performed at Scoil Naithí, Ballinteer, Dublin, before being toured to primary schools around the country. 2011)

  • Doughnuts by Eoin Byrne ( National tour of secondary schools 2010)

  • Light Signals by Paul Meade (axis: Ballymun 2010)

  • Skin and Blisters by Audrey O'Reilly (Draíocht 2009)

  • Last Call by Frances Kay (The Helix 2006)

  • Cross My Heart by Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy ( Premiered at Bray School Project, Bray. 2005)

  • Fusion by Kevin Lavin ( Premiered as part of a school tour. 2004)

  • The Making of Antigone Ryan by Martin Murphy ( First presented as part of a tour to schools. 2003)

  • Bumbógs & Bees by Frances Kay ( First performed as part of a tour to schools. 2002)