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The Arts Council


Supporting Artists - Developing Audiences. The Strollers Touring Network (STN) comprises 9 Theatre/Arts Centre venues located across Ireland. It is currently the largest touring network in the country.

The network has four key functions:

- To establish a touring network of performance venues across Ireland
- To partner, commission and co-produce work for touring (across all artforms)
- To receive touring works from artists and production companies (across all artforms)
- To sustain, develop and nurture our audiences for arts practice

STN operates in two distinct ways:
The first is a ‘Production Award’ (€10,000) to assist companies in making work for touring.
The second is a ‘Touring Platform’ providing touring opportunities for companies, producers and artists.

STROLLERS PRODUCTION AWARD - In order to support artists and our audiences STN has introduced a PRODUCTION AWARD which encourages companies, producers etc. to make work with the cooperation and collaboration of the 9 venue partners. A total award of up to €10,000 is offered to assist with the financing of a piece of artwork along with a 9 venue tour to each of the venue partners. The tour is further supported with a guarantee fee from each venue. The total value of each Production Award is approximately €20,000

NETWORK Collaboration In the current economic climate the network has been able to pool resources in order to share touring work. The pooling of resources can often mean sharing travel expenses across the 9 partners, using a collective pot of money to assist a company to make work that otherwise could not be funded by one venue alone, pooling finances to ensure that audience’s needs are met by commissioning work.

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