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The Arts Council


NASC is an Irish word meaning link or relationship, and describes the linking of venues to develop touring programmes. The network was conceived in 2006 when a number of venue directors met to discuss joint programming and marketing opportunities.

In 2012 NASC identified the key future purpose and objectives of the network: To harness the buying power, high quality venue infrastructure, professional expertise, art form knowledge, contacts, loyalty and support of the 8 members to present high quality work.

NASC – mission and objective

-To present high quality audience driven work (in particular theatre) that otherwise would not normally tour
-To maximise buying and negotiation power to tour Irish Theatre (among other art forms)
-To create opportunities for nasc and stakeholders (latter including: production companies, audiences, Arts Council, funding bodies)
-To impact positively on arts sector strategy and future development -Undertake two nasc projects per year (funding permitting)
-Partner on other non nasc projects where appropriate
-To share marketing resources and increase national media profile -NASC brand to be synonymous with high quality work

NASC – specifications: all venues have

- High quality technical infrastructure and expertise
- Years of experience of handling complex productions
- Stages that can accommodate medium to large scale touring productions - Computerised box office systems.
- A well established local audience for quality productions - An effective relationship with local press

Contact Louise Donlon Chair louise@limetreetheatre.ie


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