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Festival d’Automne à Paris

  • The Festival d’Automne à Paris (Paris Autumn Festival) is a festival of contemporary arts, embracing and combining different art forms. The Festival presents works that stand as references, involving approaches of an experimental nature by, inter alia, commissioning artists to create original works. Every year, from September to December, the Festival features over forty events attracting a total audience of more than 100 000.

    The Festival d’Automne à Paris was founded in 1972 by Michel Guy, with support from President of the French Republic, Georges Pompidou. Following the death of Michel Guy in 1990 Alain Crombecque became the Director of the Festival with Marie Collin and Joséphine Markovits as artistic directors. Pierre Richard is Chairman of the Board of the Festival, and Pierre Bergé is Chairman of the Board of “Les Amis du Festival d’Automne à Paris”.

    The Festival d’Automne à Paris is a non-profit organization and operates with the backing and support of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Paris City Council, the Regional Council of Greater Paris, plus friends and sponsors.

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    156 rue de Rivoli
    75001 Paris

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    +33 (0)1 53 45 17 00

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    Artistic Directors : Marie Collin (theatre, dance, visual arts), Joséphine Markovits (music)