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The Arts Council


    one of the most vintaged theatre festivals in Poland, turning 48 this year.
    organised by City of Szczecin and co-hosted by Teatr Lalek „Pleciuga” (Pleciuga Puppets Theatre), Teatr Wspólczesny (Contemporary Theatre) and Osrodek Teatralny KANA (KANA Theatrical Centre). The festival is an event integrating the whole artistic environment of Szczecin with theatre artists, writers and poets, fine and photography artists among them.
    exposes the latest trends and developments in Polish theatre. It confronts the achievements of recognised artists with interesting experiments by the emerging artists. Besides the Jury Awards, the general public gives out Grand Prix, the major prize of the festival.
    presents the diversity of theatre languages and styles what is underlined by its name „Kontrapunkt” (Counterpoint) introduced 18 years ago.
    most of all means meetings where the world of culture and arts can meet not only with exceptional spectatorship, but also with the scientists and theatre theorists. For a number of years the festival invites eminent personalities to take part in organised symposium that ends up with books documenting those sessions.

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    Teatr Lalek „Pleciuga”
    pl. Teatralny 1
    71-405 Szczecin

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    +4891 445 51 01

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    Festival director: Anna Garlicka