Cyclone Rep is a Cork-based professional Theatre-in-Education company that tours nationwide providing audiences of young people with an exciting and multi-faceted theatrical experience that engages and entertains, enriches and educates. A cornerstone of the company’s approach is delivering work that addresses the stakeholders expressed needs. This approach has been rewarded with audience numbers growing from 1500 in 2010 to 27000 in 2018.

The company’s main focus to date has been to create and present accessible and fun theatrical experiences of Shakespearean texts for second-level students. This is achieved through a combination of performances and workshops.

In 2013, Cyclone Rep expanded the company’s repertoire and market with The Bullying Prevention Session Secondary version. The BPS evolved from stakeholder feedback and the company’s commitment to address social issues relevant to young Irish audiences. Given the unprecedented response, Cyclone Rep developed in 2014 their first show for primary schools, The Bullying Prevention Session Primary version.

Following on from this Cyclone Rep created ‘Choices’, a play and presentation addressing the dangerous decisions that young people can make around alcohol. The play is part of the government’s alcohol strategy to tackle alcohol misuse and was well received in its initial run in 2017 with support from the Cork and Kerry Alcohol Strategy, HSE, Cork and Kerry County Arts Offices. Cyclone Rep endeavours to address the age-specific needs of our young audiences as well as supporting their teachers and schools with original resource materials. Feedback received from audience members, teachers and schools highlight the positive impact of Cyclone Rep’s work on young people.

Cyclone Rep continues to further its reputation for innovative work: performing and participating at educational conferences


Artistic Director Peadar Donohoe
Company Manager Marcus Bale
Technical Manager Scott Duggan


  • The Hamlet Session by Peadar Donohue & Marcus Bale (2018)

  • Choices by Peadar Donohoe (2017)

  • The Macbeth Session by Peadar Donohoe, Marcus Bale (2017)

  • The King Lear Session by Peadar Donohue & Marcus Bale (2015)

  • The Julius Caesar Session by Peadar Donohue & Martin Condon (2014)

  • The Bullying Prevention Session Secondary by Peadar Donohue & Cyclone Rep (2014)

  • The Othello Session by Marcus Bale & Peadar Donohue (2013)

  • The Bullying Prevention Session Primary by Peadar Donohue & Cyclone Rep (2013)

  • The Merchant Session by Peadar Donohue & Cyclone Rep (2012)

  • The Romeo & Juliet Session by Peadar Donohue & Cyclone Rep (2011)



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