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Frequently asked questions

Please find a list of questions below relating to the use of irishtheatre.ie

1. want to list my company/venue/festival/organisation on irishtheatre.ie. How do I get listed?

To get listed, simply follow the Get Listed link in Theatre Resources, complete the short form and a member of our team will get in touch.

2. The information on my company/venue/festival/organisation listing is out of date. How do I update it?

ITI sends out requests for updates on a biannual basis. However if you wish to update or amend the information for you profile outside of these times, please send it on to admin@irishtheatreinstitute.ie. Alternatively you can fill out the contact form which is available in the Theatre Resources section.

3. I am looking for an individual artist, but I can’t find their details? 

Following a review of the Irish Theatre Online website, ITI made the decision to remove the Irish Theatre Artists section. Findings indicated that the functionality of the Irish Theatre Artists section had been superseded by social networking sites for individuals (e.g. Facebook) and it proved problematic to keep the individual profiles accurate and up-to-date through the self-editing system. ITI has kept an archive of the data from Irish Theatre Artists so please feel free to contact us with any query you might have.

4.  I am planning a tour in Ireland, how can irishtheatre.ie help me?

Details for all venues are available through the Venues section of the website and you can also click on the Networks tab to search for organised venue Networks across Ireland. irishtheatre.ie includes an interactive map which will help to visualise the geographic spread of these venues across the country.

5. What is the best way to search for a Festival?

There are two ways to search for Festivals depending on your requirements. You can use the map on the Festivals’ homepage to find a festival near you or in a particular part of the country. You can also choose to ‘View All’ festivals which will provide you with a calendar view of festivals across Ireland listing upcoming festivals month by month for the next 12 months.

6. I have found a company’s recent productions but want to find more information on a particular production, how do I do this?

PLAYOGRAPHYIreland contains information on the premiere professional productions of Irish plays. If a company’s recent production has a blue T symbol beside it, you can follow the link to the relevant content on PLAYOGRAPHYIreland. You can also click on the company’s name in Playography to find out about their historical work.

7.  I want to find information on a play produced by a company on irishtheatre.ie which is not listed under its recent productions, how do I do this?

PLAYOGRAPHYIreland contains information on the premiere professional production of new Irish plays (in both English and Irish).  Simply go to Search and then Advanced Search and enter the company’s name to find all of their listings.

8.  I cannot find the company I am looking for on irishtheatre.ie?

Irishtheatre.ie only lists professional theatre, dance and opera companies currently operating in Ireland. For information on older companies, please see www.irishplayography.ie. For full details on the criteria for inclusion on the website, please see our About page.

9.  I want to find information on funding, where should I look?

The Theatre Resources section has a vast amount of information on a variety of organisations that support the theatre sector. For information on funding you can browse the Funding Bodies and Opportunities section or browse for your local Arts Officer in the Local Authority Arts Officers section. Alternatively you can enter your search terms into the search box to find the particular information you are seeking.

10. I am looking for information on theatre in Northern Ireland, how do I search?

Each of our sections has an Advanced Search field which allows you to filter the information by country. You can choose Northern Ireland from the drop-down menu in order to only show results relating to the North.

11.  I want to find contact details for someone not associated with a company/venue/festival, where should I look?

Our Theatre Resources section is a vast directory with contact information for a variety of people who work to support theatre development in Ireland. You can simply search by entering a name in the search field or use the jigsaw to browse the different areas.

12.  How do I find more information on ITI?

You can find more information by visiting our website at www.irishtheatreinstitute.ie